Thursday, May 10, 2012

Write in Delia Lopez

Write in Delia Lopez Our government is broken. It is not working. Unemployment is actually at over 11% if you count the discouraged workers. Those people that have been unemployed for a long time. While unemployment is climbing, lemonade stands and coffee shops are being shut down. EPA regulations on carbon have caused the shut down of three refineries in the last six months. Two of those were Sunoco refineries that used to supply 50% of the gas, diesel and jet fuel for the east coast of our nation. All of those workers are now unemployed. The lessening of supply is also causing an increase in the cost of gas, diesel and jet fuel. Federal agents are targeting people for buying or selling raw milk. Gibson Guitar is shut down by Federal agents over an imported wood. Why is our government adding to the already far too long, lines of the unemployed? We are broke. In part because of a huge decrease in tax revenues, people that are not working pay less income tax, much less. Yet our congressmen continue spending our money on things most American people would not approve of. While they argue over a small amount to continue unemployment to people in this nation, they send trillions overseas. Congress has not managed to pass a budget in three years. I for one am sick of this partisan squabbling. They are acting like spoiled children and should be treated as such, given a paddling and sent home. We need to put people into Congress that will work for the American people. We created this government to secure our rights. We have allowed it to grow into an overbearing monster from whom we must get permission to catch a fish. We have created a two party system that would have shamed our founders. They warned us not to allow it to happen. We have allowed this to happen. As long as congressmen continue to please the lobbyists so they get massive campaign war chests they can do what ever they want and we vote for them. They parade lies on TV with slick advertising, or they play for our team. “I am a Democrat so I vote for the Democrat” or “I am Republican so that is how I vote”. Our system of government was unique different from any other in the world because the people were in charge and they were to control the government. Government was to be the servant of the people. Ensuring peoples rights were secure and reining in criminal activities. Our government is now stamping the Constitution and the rights of the people. Our government is now committing criminal acts from the “fast and Furious” mess, murdering hundreds of people. Passing out tax dollars stolen from American workers to banks and companies with close ties to the political class. Our government is now one of the absolute worst for spying on its citizens, the worst for having people in jails, one of the worst for abusing peaceful protestors and persecuting government whistle blowers that expose corruption. Anywhere you look in the massive government bureaucracy you find huge amounts of corruption and waste. Those with political connections get away with massive theft and murder. While regular people are beaten and jailed for filming police officers. We the people must regain control of our out of control government. When people vote repeatedly against things and the politicians ignore the will of the people, it is time for them to be replaced. When they are proud of managing to get things done in opposition to the will of the people, they should be removed from office. While they amass millions in personal wealth while those they are supposed to work for are going broke. They focus on their own pet projects instead of what the people they work for need. It is time they are fired. Earl Blumenauer has ignored those he works for, lined his pockets and focused on new federal regulations on captive primates, while we are losing jobs, homes everything. If you want someone in office that is not corrupted and will work for the people and to create an environment where the people are in control. Vote for Delia Lopez, if you are a Democrat please write in Delia Lopez on your democratic primary ballot and ask your friends to as well. It is time we said enough, You're Fired. We can not afford your globalist agenda, America first. We must take care of our people. In any crisis you must take care of yourself first. If we fall who will step in to “save” us? Thank You, Delia Lopez 503-954-4080 Leave a message and I will call you back

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Bloody Revolution

Can we end the corruption without violence? As many of you know my problem with our government is the corruption. As Eliot Spitzer said everything Wall Street was doing was illegal but no one was prosecuting them. When he did he was arrested for being a “John” visiting a prostitute. He is the only “John” I can think of prosecuted in recent history. It was not deregulation that caused the mortgage mess it was fraud, it was illegal. After the Savings and Loan mess over 1,000 people were brought up on charges many went to jail. Jon Corzine just stole 1.6 Billion dollars. He took money out of customers segregated accounts. Like having a bank account with your broker this is supposed to be safe. I have read it was supposed to be safer than a bank. The bankruptcy was filed to protect JP Morgan and other politically connected entities. Illegally of course. Had the proper bankruptcy type been filed the customers would have been first in line to get their money back. Career politicians are somehow becoming incredibly wealthy. We must work together to remove them from office. We must work together to eliminate the corruption and return control of our government to the people. Please write in James Buchal for Attorney General and Thomas Cox for State Treasurer on both Republican and Democratic primary ballots. Please write Delia Lopez in for congress in CD#3 against Earl Blumenauer on Democratic primary ballots. And, Suzanne Gallagher, who has independently mounted her own write in candidacy for the Republican nomination for Senate District 18. We need people that will focus on creating the environment where small businesses can be started and thrive. We need jobs. Not more light rail, not more laws on pet monkeys. We need jobs. My problem with Social Security is that the politicians have their hands in it. If peoples' money had actually been put into a “trust fund” and managed people would be receiving considerably more for what they have paid in. Look at the different retirement accounts set up in lieu of Social Security before they stopped letting people opt out. The politicians stole the SS Trust fund that is how they “balanced” the budget. Lets see if I could take money from my customers accounts I wouldn't have financial challenges. So the politicians robbed us and took our money from SS. No one is in jail. Bankers committed massive fraud in the housing collapse and we reward them with more money. They even received bonuses. Same with MF Global they robbed their clients, filed the wrong bankruptcy and received bonuses. Are you seeing a pattern here? Occupy Wall Street is missing a big point in calling for more government regulations. The government is corrupt. The problems our State and the US is dealing with would be solved with two big fixes. End corruption and create more jobs. Cut the corruption and the spending rate goes down, way down. Create good paying jobs and more money is paid in income taxes. We must work together to force our government to follow the law. Our nations leaders are becoming increasingly corrupt and violating one law after another. In his comprehensive annals of the reigns of Tiberius and Nero, Roman historian Tacitus wrote, "corruptissima re publica plurimae leges." This is most often mistranslated as "the more corrupt a society, the more numerous its laws." In truth, Tacitus was referring to Rome's history, and a more accurate translation is "laws were most numerous when the commonwealth was most corrupt." Future historians will likely look back and say the same thing about our society. Except that we're not talking about laws. We're talking about the 'rules' of autonomous enforcement agencies that have extensive (and growing) police powers. A better quote comes from a 1969 speech from William T. Gossett, then president of the American Bar Association: "The rule of law can be wiped out in one misguided, however well-intentioned generation. And if that should happen, it could take a century of striving and ordeal to restore it, and then only at the cost of the lives of many good men and women." We the people need to regain control. Please forward this to everyone on your address list. Thank You, Delia Lopez 503-954-4080 Call me if you have questions, leave a message I will call you back.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Is our government entirely corrupt?

Our entire system has been turned upside down. There does not seem to be anyone with integrity in charge. The system itself seems to be completely corrupt and the goal of government seems to be to line their own pockets and amass huge amounts of money and power. The people we elected to represent us seem to have no qualms about lying to us, robbing us, or beating us or even killing us.

Recent collapse in the housing market has people calling for more government regulation. The fact is the housing market was one of the most heavily regulated. We pay a lot of people a lot of money to audit these firms and ensure compliance with the regulations. It was not the regulations it was the regulators! Our government regulators have an open door between the industries they regulate and being a regulator. They seem to flit back and forth with ease increasing their net worth every step of the way. The fact is when you look behind the scenes you see the regulators we pay to protect us aiding and abetting the criminals.

Congress approval rating is down about 9%. While that is horrible, it is far higher than I would give them. Congress has been committing acts of insider trading for decades. How many people have gone to jail for decades for this? Lots. How many Congressmen? None, they are somehow above the law. Eric Holder has been required to show in court to answer questions on the “fast and furious” program. Where the BATF channeled guns to Mexican drug cartels. Several Americans have died as a result of this and hundreds of Mexicans. I was recently in Mexico city and it was in the news. Obama's connections with the Mexican drug cartels was a big topic of discussion in the news there. Why is it not here? How can Eric Holder refuse to show up in court? Tim Gietner has been subpoenaed over his handling of the bailouts. How can he not show up? Why are they considered to be above the law?

In the history of the USA our presidents have gone after three “whistle blowers.” Brave individuals who worked for the government that have uncovered waste or corruption and turned it over to news sources. President Obama, who promised more transparency, has gone after twice as many whistle blowers as all the other presidents in the history of the USA COMBINED! As Peter Van Buren wrote “it's only one part of the Obama administration's attempt to sideline, if not always put away, those it wants to silence. Increasingly, federal agencies or departments intent on punishing a whistle blower are also resorting to extra-legal means. They are, for instance, manipulating personnel rules that cannot be easily challenged and do not require the production of evidence. And sometimes, they are moving beyond traditional notions of "punishment" and simply seeking to destroy the lives of those who dissent. The well-reported case of Thomas Drake is an example. As an employee, Drake revealed to the press that the National Security Agency (NSA) spent $1.2 billion on a contract for a data collection program called Trailblazer when the work could have been done in-house for $3 million. The NSA's response? Drake's home was raided at gunpoint and the agency forced him out of his job.” The laws they destroyed these people with were written to protect against espionage. They misuse the laws to attack whomever they choose. These actions are criminal, and should be prosecuted against those in charge.

They went after him hard, was it because of the massive waste of money? Which generally means they paid their friends $1.20 for something that should cost .30 cents so part could end up in their pockets. Or was it because as reported in Wired Magazine, which triggered a congressional investigation, they are illegally eavesdropping on American citizens and this is evidence of their criminal acts. They are of course denying the allegations in carefully worded ways. Just as they denied the 134 Billion dollars of negotiable bearer bonds caught in a false bottom of a suitcase in Italy in the hands of Japanese treasury officials were real, they were real. The bonds are now the subject of a lawsuit. They were seized and the owners want them back! They recently seized 6 Trillion more! Are they real as well? If they are it shows the criminality of our government goes way back. Printing up money and doling it out to their friends while robbing us, is nothing new.

The recent bankruptcy of MF Global shows the low to which our government has sunk. Jon Corazine, close friend and donation bundler for president Obama, personally ordered the transfer of funds from segregated customer accounts. To the tune of approximately 1.6 Billion dollars. Stealing funds placed in the care of his company. Then the story gets worse. The courts allowed the bankruptcy trustee to file the wrong type of bankruptcy, had the correct type been filed the customers would have been first in line to receive their funds back, instead JP Morgan and George Soros made out like bank robbers. The agency that is supposed to ensure the funds, similar to the FDIC that guarantees bank accounts, did not cover the peoples losses. So the laws in place to protect the little guy were totally ignored to protect those with political connections. Then the bankruptcy trustee actually authorized the paying of bonuses. Jon Corazine and many others should be in jail, instead he is visiting the white house and looking for a new office in Manhattan.

Look at the complete disregard for the rule of law. From the president on down there seems to be no integrity. So many recent stories. From the TSA assaulting and humiliating cancer survivors and forcing shapely young women through the x-ray undressing machines. One several times! Even our local protectors, the police, seem to have gone criminal. A quick search on the internet provides hundreds of examples. This one I found particularly telling. A cop sees a kid on a bike at night without a light. That was the crime for which he was being chased. The cop tazed the kid who fell off his bike and the cop ran over him with his car nearly tearing his body in half. The cop then planted a gun on the 17 year old boy. He was just about to graduate from high school. The cop was not punished and got, as far as I can see, a two week vacation.
The cop was white, the young man was black. Why was there no picketing and sending out the cops home address as in the Treyvon Martin case? Is it because they have only started pointing out race in the news recently, trying to stir up hatred and dissent? Black/ white, gay/ straight, rich /poor it seems the kindling of the fires of hatred are spreading. Obama was supposed to be the great uniter to bring us all together. Nothing could be further from the truth.

We the people of this nation must not be divided. We are the melting pot of the world where all people came to be free. Where you could start out poor and work your way out of poverty. Where people of all colors have worked together since the beginning, for freedom. From Paul Revere and Wentworth Cheswell together sounding the alarm that the time to fight was at hand. To Charlton Heston and Martin Luther King Jr marching together on Washington DC both pro freedom Republicans. Men should be judged by the quality of their character, not by the color of their skin, nor the party they belong to. The Republican party once stood for freedom, small government and individual rights and responsibilities. As Thomas Jefferson considered one of the first Republicans once said "The natural progress of things is for liberty to yield, and government to gain ground." We must work together to limit the power of government to protect the rights of the people. Only government by consent of the governed is legitimate, who consents to this? Too much of our current government actions have been unconstitutional. Our Constitution is the supreme law of the land and all laws that violate our Constitution are void from their inception. Criminal acts by government officials must not be allowed, let alone condoned. I see acts of Bush FISA, Patriot Act, bailouts excused by one side and act of Obama Libya, NDAA bailouts excused by the other. We must stop making excuses for those that have sworn to uphold the law and hold them accountable for their actions. Most of congress and high ranking government officials should be in jail for corruption, insider trading and theft! We must demand integrity from those that work for us, no matter which party they belong to. John Adams warned us “There is nothing which I dread so much as a division of the republic into two great parties, each arranged under its leader, and concerting measures in opposition to each other. This, in my humble apprehension, is to be dreaded as the greatest political evil under our Constitution.”
If you want freedom, prosperity and a government that protects the rights of the individual and respects the rule of law, we must work together. I don't care what color your skin is, how much money you earn, or who you sleep with. It doesn't matter what party you belong to if any. What matters is if you want to restore our Republic and want honesty and transparency in our government. I believe we must return control of government to the people and the people will force the government to be honest. That was the way our nation was designed.
Delia Lopez

Monday, March 26, 2012

Hitler was a nice guy

Hitler was a nice guy. The people loved him. He wanted a socialistic utopia. Read his speeches they sound eerily familiar about now. I was campaigning in Portland and a man explained to me that socialism is wonderful. Everyone shares everything there is no hunger or homelessness. I explained that the idea of socialism was great. The problem was it has been tried repeatedly throughout human history and has failed miserably every single time. He said "it has not been tried during the 20th century on a national level" I said so you are a supporter of the "National Socialist Party" and he said YES! I said "you realize that is the NAZI party, right?" He turned bright red called me an F__ing liar and stormed off. Our government education system is teaching socialism and leaving out inconvenient facts. Look at some of the hate being stirred up today. Listen to the Jew bashing speeches and the kill whitey rhetoric in the media today. Where is our nation headed?

Look at the numbers of people socialist and communists killed Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot estimates range from 21 to 70 million dead. Hitler only killed 13 million he was small potatoes. Another often unmentioned fact is he killed 6 million Jews and 7 million Christians. Look around today in Egypt they just wiped out the Christians, Libya same deal. In Rwanda when the United Nations went in and disarmed the Tutsi's. They were predominately Christian and the Hutu's were Muslim and Cofi Annon was a Hutu. How come the dead were usually Christians? Is this genocide against Christians going on for decades and on a world wide scale. The UN legacy often using American troops. Why does the UN facilitate genocide?

Right wing Christians are a potential terrorist group. Now our president has the power to declare anyone a terrorist. RJ Rummels book death by government shows millions of people killed by big government over the past 100 years with increasing numbers toward the last 50. Today in the USA about one innocent person is killed by cops every day. A shocking number of these seem to be veterans. I am doing a bit of research, remember returning veterans are listed as potential terrorists with the Christians. From the man getting into his car with his two daughters in the back seat shot down in front of his kids, unarmed, no warning, one man argued with his wife and went to sit in his car to cool off. Cops shot him as he got out, another one walking at night carrying his 9 month old grandson cops said turn around, he did. They saw something they thought might be a gun and shot him to death holding a baby. There are many, many more.

Theories abound that they want to goad us into open revolt. Look at the similarities behind Occupy Wall Street and the Bolsheviks, useless idiots being put into action? Our government is a fascist dictatorship and an extremely corrupt one at that.Our government controls all business with EPA, IRS etc regulations shut down one guitar co. for endangered wood whose CEO donates to Republicans ignoring another using the same wood from the same place that donates to Democrats? Bypassing congress to go to war or place Czars in control, we are there. Police state is on its way as well. Obama has gone after more government whistle blowers than all former presidents combined. Freedom of the press, right he just told them not to mention his daughters trip. I was in Mexico in January and it was all over the news about Obama’s connections with the Mexican drug cartels and his arming them with Fast and Furious guns and how many were dead. They have killed hundreds of people in Mexico. Why is it not on the news here?

Could it be that most of the media is owned by four large corporations that are controlled by the same people that control most banks and many military or industrial corporations? Odd coincidence that Interpol was based in Berlin and run by men with connections to Hitlers SS. Occupy Wall Street has it backwards. Our government controls the “evil corporations” a company can not do anything in the USA without the consent of the government. Like the KONY 2012 project funded by Citibank, was that to get people worked up so Obama would send in troops to liberate the oil? Useful idiots in action? I found this the other day and it really made me think on the Ron Paul narrative. How they twist what he says. Listen to what he says and what they say. I do believe the United Nations is the most evil creation on the planet, the beast from Revelation perhaps? We were in point of fact bombing Iraq under Clinton well the UN controlled it using our men, planes and bombs. It is in the congressional record. We are bombing Yemen now Obama blew up and all girls middle school there 68 12 -13 yr old girls killed, didn't make the news. If Bush was president it would have been everywhere how he murdered innocent girls. I am not a Bush fan but our media is useless and biased.

We created this government to secure our rights, we have allowed it to become an overbearing monster from whom we must get permission to catch a fish. How can we regain control of our government?

Saturday, March 17, 2012

What Happened?

I look at what has happened to our nation and I am appalled. We send SWAT teams in after people for raw milk? We arm in Libya the same exact people we are fighting in Afghanistan? We are loading debt onto our great great grandchildren, borrowing money from foreign nations to pay for it all. We owe China over a trillion dollars and yet we give them foreign aid, 14.5 million last year? Obama signs an “exemption” to allow us to send money to Chad to arm soldiers under the age of 13. I am not sure which part is more alarming. The fact we are paying to arm 10 year old soldiers or that if they were 13 no “exemption” would be needed? How many children in how many nations are we “aiding” into battle? In our nation they can go to war at 17 (with parental consent). Our EPA has gone nuts creating laws on cars, toilets, light bulbs and literally everything destroying jobs and creating huge problems with the unintended consequences of their actions. From massive destruction of the American auto industry to the millions of dollars communities have been forced to pour into their sewage systems because the low flow toilets are clogging them. Instead of paying for education or roads we are spending on sewage. Am I the only one that thinks the entire system has been corrupted and must be fixed? I talk to people constantly and they all seem to agree with me. None of us wants to pay for the things we are and when “they” start cutting “they” cut from the few things we actually want to pay for. How do we regain control of our government?

I honestly don't know but it seems our political system is used to transfer wealth from those that work, to those with political connections. They say we need to tax the rich to help the poor. The rich don't pay taxes and the poor don't receive the lions share of the cash. The politically connected receive 71% of the redistributed largess, not the “poor”. Of the 29% the “poor” receive more than half of that goes to health care. The increased costs of medical care and prescription drugs is partly from the increased government involvement. GE received 3.2 billion last year from tax payers and paid nothing in taxes. Look closely and you find about 80% of what they received from tax payers went into campaign coffers of people in office or trying to get there. Those same people are the ones calling for higher taxes on “the rich” and more help for “the poor”. Coincidence? I think not.

You hear massive lies in the media. One is that during the Clinton administration they “balanced the budget”. Well sort of, they took the Social Security trust fund surplus and called it balanced. Accounting gimmick or worse? Worse much worse. American citizens have paid into the social security system for decades and if that same money had been put into almost anything else the people would have been far better off. I will compare one plan designed before the Social Security administration slammed the door on allowing “alternatives” to be designed so people could opt out of Social Security and into another plan. In Texas one alternative plan using the same amounts deducted from your wages pays 3 times the amount that social security pays for retirement or disability benefits. The death benefit is three times your annual pay with a $50,000 minimum. Social Security death benefit is $256, you read that right. How can that be? In retirement planning there is a rule of 72 and time is the magic bullet. If you are earning 10% which was common before the FED killed interest rates (further harming people that save for the future) years times interest rates adding up to 72 shows how long it takes for your savings to double. So if you have 10,000 in year 7 in year 14 you have 20,000, year 21 you have $40,000, year 28 = $80,000 year 35= $160,000. So if the funds had been invested and managed properly instead of stolen by thieves under color of law. The social security trust fund should have enough reserves in the trust fund. Now the thieves that stole the money are calling the people that paid into the system, greedy for wanting what they paid for. If the thieves were not part of government they would be in jail. Or would they?

Look at the myriads of government agencies designed to “police” the system. The SEC received more than 100 complaints over more than ten years on Bernie Madoff and did nothing. The housing industry was one of the most regulated and yet the government overseers pocketed millions and transferred back and forth between the governing agencies and the governed? The FDA is headed by an ex Monsanto big wig. Pharmaceutical giants provide most of the people to be governing agents for their industry as well as providing most of the safety tests done showing their drugs are safe. One well known doctor was just indicted when they proved he had never done any of the safety tests he was paid to do and wrote extensively about. More than ten years after the events it is finally discovered he extrapolated the data from expectations. That is a big word that means he made it up, it was fictitious, he lied. I am surprised to see how often in supposed science they extrapolate data. So we pay these “government police” big bucks literally over $172,000 per year generally, to do nothing? Well not nothing it was shown that they spent a large amount of time in the office on the clock on computers we provide viewing pornography. Our tax dollars at work?

Our Constitution was written to limit the power of government to protect the rights of the people. The federal government was to be especially restrained. Government closest to the problem is most efficient and the people are better able to maintain control. Once the federal government began usurping powers reserved by the states and the people, we lost control. We need people in congress that remember that the people are supposed to control the government. The government is not supposed to control the people. So I once again am running for congress. Next time, I will explain further how I think we could restore power to the people.
Delia Lopez

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Governments take from the middle class and give to whom?

As the government has taken over the responsibility for charity, something once handled mostly by private groups, several facts jump out at the curious. One is the inefficiency of government charities. Compare the Salvation Army where 96% of what is donated to them actually goes to help an individual in need, to government charity and with the average government charitable program less than 20% of a department, say the department of Human services, budget actually helps people in need. That is a huge difference. Also if you study the amount of government largess distributed less than 29% goes to need based programs. Huge agricultural corporations receive a major percentage of farm subsidies, not poor family farmers. More than 3.2 billion went to GE last year, most of us would not consider them needy. For the government to be taking from middle income Americans that are struggling in this economy to send to multinational corporations or politically connected ones, such as Obama's friends Facebook. They got 32 million in tax dollars to supposedly create 35 jobs? Do you really think facebook would not have hired those 35 people if you and I were not forced to pony up that 32 million? So generally speaking the government takes from one person and gives it to someone with political connections.

Study government spending and you discover a striking fact: most government transfers are not from the rich to the poor. The most important factor in determining the pattern of redistribution appears to be political influence. Another disturbing fact is of the 29% of the money stolen from hard working Americans given to benefit the "poor" more than half of that is in the form of medical care. Government regulation and manipulation of health care has driven up the costs significantly. When you consider the AMA has severely limited the number of medical schools that can graduate doctors creating a shortage and government limits the number of insurance companies and the insurance products available increasing costs many times over. There are fewer medical schools in this country now than there were in 1900!
So by my math the government steals $1 and of that 29 cents goes to "the poor" but 14.5 cents of it really goes to doctors, insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies where the costs are bloated because of government intervention. Leaving only 14.5 cents. Of the 14.5 cents, 80% of it is spent on government employees so only 2.9 cents actually goes to someone needing help. If it was handled by the Salvation Army of the 14.5 cents 13.92 cents would go to people in need.

I have to wonder if the medical care provided is actual medical care or the medical insurance "value" provided. I live in Oregon where the insurance industry is totally controlled and with health insurance everything must be covered many things without a deductible or co-pay, whether you need it or not. Because of this Oregon has some of the highest health insurance costs in the nation. So I wonder, does that 2.9 cents include the "value" of health insurance provided for low income people even if they never see a doctor? So the $800 per month or more "value" they receive is truly non existent for them and really benefits the insurance company? Again not generally someone most of us would consider needy and want to donate to, if we had the choice. My son was a single male 24 looking for health insurance. Very healthy and there are no major medical type policies available. Every policy he was able to buy must cover pap smears and mammograms without a deductible or co-pay as well as pregnancy and smoke cessation. He wanted a policy that would just cover him in case of a serious injury or accident. Here it is, all or nothing, so he chose nothing. Not many years ago I had a policy that was a small group policy for my husbands business. Then the state of Oregon decided his group was not big enough. They increased the number of employees required to create a group, our insurance was cancelled. Thanks for the help! In some states business associations the Realtor, Bartenders or waitresses associations could get together to create a group to get health insurance with different terms and better rates. Not in Oregon.

We have politicians out there blowing hot air and telling us how they are going to help us. How many people really look at what they do and where the money they steal from us is spent? How much of what they take from us would we choose to donate to pay for what they spend it on? They all agree that increasing taxes costs jobs. Right now unemployment is very high and the United States has the distinction of having the highest corporate tax rate on the planet. One of our biggest problems is public employee unions. That is a large part of how they end up soaking up the 80% of the 14.5 cents. Next blog will address that. Many more details on the federal scam robbing from the middle class to give to who they choose! We should be able to decide what we pay for.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

In it again for Freedom

Since the last election, I have been asked if I would run again. I have said I did not plan to and I meant it. It is impossible to know what it is like if you have never run for an office. It is awful. Everything you say is twisted out of context and if they can't find “dirt” on you, they make stuff up. I literally had someone spit in my face for being “racist” and “hating all Mexicans”. Now anyone who has seen a photo of my immediate family should know I cannot be racist. My husband's father was born in Mexico which makes my husband a Mexican citizen as well as an American citizen. I just returned from Mexico we go there almost every year for at least a short visit. I have many great friends in Mexico. I love Mexico and the Mexican people and may just end up moving there if we cannot stop the Fascist police state that is developing in the US. Many of my friends have already left. One that moved to China for more freedom and opportunity for his children, tells me the news in China almost every time I speak with him.. He keeps saying leave the USA. The rate of people renouncing their American citizenship continues to multiply. Our government has enacted a 30% tax on everything you own if you renounce your citizenship. People are willing to pay to leave, scary thought.

The statement that was used to paint me racist is “people in the country illegally should not get welfare, food stamps or housing assistance. It should be prioritized to go to disabled or elderly American citizens”. I stand by my statement. Our welfare system should be prioritized to care for disabled and elderly citizens first and foremost. People should not be rewarded for breaking laws. This is one of many areas where I agree with Ron Paul and his statement has been twisted as well. There is no one I agree with on every issue. I doubt anyone agrees with anyone else on every issue. The best we can do is choose the ones we agree with the most or the one that is honest. I would choose honest over smart any day. People who will stand for and do what is right in the face of opposition seem to be few and far between. Congress has a 9% approval rating. That is far better than I believe they deserve. Yet they continue to be re-elected? They ignore the will of the people, and line their own pockets and the pockets of their friends/donors. Recent studies show congress net worth continuing to increase as ours their constituents continues to decrease.

The Federal Reserve is not a part of the government. It is a private bank that creates money out of thin air. It becomes a part of the debt the taxpayers are expected to pay back with interest. After it is created where does it go? The battle to determine that continues, the head of the fed has refused to tell congress and as information comes out the media seldom reports it. Recent reports show 16 trillion going to overseas banks. Another recent report shows a member of the English parliament researching what appears to be a 15 Trillion dollar money laundering enterprise signed by Alan Greenspan and Tim Geitner. The Federal Reserve Bank was created on Dec 23, 1913 after many in congress had left for Christmas break and with its creation the power of the elite and the government have increased. During a debate when I last ran for congress ,the Green Party candidate had some great charts showing how income inequality has grown since 1913. He said it was because of the change in tax rates. The income tax was considered unconstitutional. It was considered theft. The 16th amendment was supposedly ratified in 1913 as well (I say supposedly because the book “The Law That Never Was” shows copies of the documents from all states showing it was not ratified. It was passed by fraud!) and the transfer of wealth from the middle class to the very wealthy began! The 17th amendment was similarly passed in 1913 and seriously weakened the power of the states over the federal government.

These three changes have fundamentally altered our form of government. Our states were to hold the power to protect the people from federal tyranny. At this time most people agree the federal government is overstepping their constitutionally imposed bounds. From the battles over raw milk, medical marijuana, death with dignity, the war on drugs, Obama-care and the federal department of education, the EPA and the myriad regulations imposed on businesses, to unconstitutional restrictions on guns; the list is very long. This has been a slow process that has intertwined our government with huge multinational corporations. What is the name of the form of government where business and governments collude? Fascism. When a president ignores the Constitution and imposes his will with signing statements or executive orders bypassing the checks and balances originally in our system to keep presidential power limited, he makes himself a dictator. It is a shocking statement. Our nation is becoming a fascist dictatorship. Study this and you will see it is true. I am not putting this exclusively on Obama. Bush and others started it before he arrived but he has continued and expanded it.

Right now our police are being militarized, yetviolent crime is at a 45 year low. Police in the USA are killing an innocent person every single day. We are lined up and searched to board a plane and sometimes now buses or to enter malls. People are being detained for not having identification on them! Reporters are being detained for reporting on what our government is doing. Whistle blower protections on government officials are being eliminated and Obama has gone after more whistle blowers that all other presidents combined! So much for promises of government transparency. We are invading countries without congressional declaration of war and now, without the president even going to the congress at all, we invaded Libya. We are providing bombs to bomb Yemen and other nations as well. Peace president? I have had people inform me that we went into Libya on a UN mandate. We also went into Iraq on a UN mandate. Where in our Constitution was the UN given the authority to use our soldiers to make war? Our founding fathers complaint on standing armies is real here and now. Our nation is becoming a police state.

The government/ corporate oligarchy has become very powerful with help from the left and the right. Both sides working against each other and playing into the hands of the few at the top. Unless we the people of this once great nation wake up and work together to restore our Constitutionally restricted government and restore freedom, we are done. Freedom once lost is not easily restored. Most of us will agree the federal government is doing things we do not want it to do. By empowering them to do what you do want to do you are also empowering them to do what you do not want them to do. It is up to all of us, to work together for our children. Through this Fascist dictatorship, a police state is forming. Will you work to help stop it?

So once again I am running for office Congress Oregon CD #3. And once again, I am told it is not winnable. The people in the district want an all powerful government and do not care about freedom. I refuse to believe that. I have been asked why district 3 when I do not live in it. The answer is that the person that is in that seat is, in my opinion, one of the most damaging to freedom in the state in which I live. The idea of congressional districts to get the representative to bring home the “federal bacon” is not in the Constitution. The federal government has no bacon to give unless it steals it from someone. Senators were appointed by the states to protect state sovereignty. Congress was elected by the people of the state as Senators are now. Our form of government has been fundamentally altered. But not altered in a way that promotes freedom and protects our rights. We created this government to secure our rights. That is the only legitimate function of government. I am running as a republican because the Republican Party was created to end slavery! The Republican Party fought for women to be able to vote! Now both parties have lost their way and neither seem to be representing the people anymore.

My web-page lays out most of my positions on everything. If you have a question I have not answered or want to volunteer to help on the campaign email me at or call me 503-954-4080 I answer all calls to that number. Well, occasionally my husband will too. If I do not answer, leave a message with your name and number and I will call you back. I am asking you to hire me to represent you. I can't do that without communicating with you.
Delia Lopez