Sunday, February 28, 2010

Cap and trade?

Climate change is an issue that is currently causing quite a stir around the world.  Many people are arguing for and against policies and taxes to help protect our planet.  Right now one of the ideas in vogue is cap and trade.  Where people are charged  for using fossil fuels and rich corporations are paid for others burning of fossil fuels.  Currently Al Gore has become the first carbon billionaire, he has made over a billion dollars selling carbon credits, and other very wealthy individuals have jumped on the band wagon, never to let a great money making scheme get by.  Rothschild,  Murdoch and most of t he very rich have bought into the carbon markets.  Using the power of media they have convinced a massive section of the population to support a cap and trade scheme.  

Politicians getting great donations from these big corporations vote to hit the population with more taxes, further draining the pockets of those already being hit hard by the recession.   My big question is, how can a great way to make the really rich even richer  help save anything?   We need to stop this huge transfer of our earnings to the already wealthy so we as Oregonians can decide to conserve energy.  Instead of us sending another billion to Al Gore or Mr Rothchild we should keep our earnings in our pockets. Maybe add a few inches of insulation to our homes?  Or buy a hybrid car to commute back and forth to work.  As has been proven by the MAX train the amount of money wasted on that train would have allowed hundreds of Oregonians to drive hybrid vehicles and cut emissions by far more. While allowing people to do what they see as being the most effective.  The huge increase in property taxes to keep funding the MAX would have allowed Oregonians to insulate their homes,   or  replace their single pane windows.  Instead of taxing the elderly out of their homes.

Oregonians have always shown their love for the environment, recycling at rates other cities would kill to match, even  before it was mandated.  An efficient and money making private industry had grown up around recycling.  Until government interference put that industry out of business.   Oregon Tilth spear headed an efficient private verification of organic  farms in Oregon.  They had an effective  system worked out with stringent organic requirements.  You knew when it was certified organic by Oregon Tilth that the land was tested and free of chemical contaminants. Until the government got involved. Then Monsanto and Dow lobbyists worked, and the stringent rules were relaxed. So now organic certification doesn't mean what it used to.

 When government and corporations work together to help one another, they win and we lose.  If you want to help rich people and large corporations make more money to buy more congressmen, support cap and trade .  If you want to help keep our planet healthy act locally and think globally. If we all do what we can, our planet will benefit.  Oregon led the way with voluntary recycling and other states followed our lead.  The best way to lead is by being a good example.  Not by using the force of government against the wishes of the individual.

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