Sunday, December 25, 2011

Eric Holder should not resign. He should be fired and charged as an accomplice to murder.

Our government has been caught smuggling guns and drugs “Iran Contra” and“Fast and Furious” plus many more. Recently it has come out that Eric Holder was part of a sting operation where Timothy McVeigh was given explosives and then they “lost him” and the explosives. One hundred and seventy six Americans were killed, many of them children. Curiously all of the files containing information on the Waco massacre were destroyed and the investigation into how the serving of a search warrant could end up costing so many lives. Many of those children as well. John Ross' book “Unintended Consequences” looks at some of the gaping inconsistencies between the evidence and the official story. The search warrant states that someone saw the lower end of an AK-47. There is no such thing. An AK-47 is a one piece weapon and is legal. If they meant a lower end of an AR that is also totally legal. If it was a fully automatic weapon, as many try to respond, fully automatic AR's are legal in Texas. Several of the members of the community had federal firearms licenses. So if they were guilty of anything it was failure to pay a $200 transfer tax on an additional gun to the BATF.

Ruby Ridge, where a ten year old boy was shot in the back in his own yard and his mother was shot while standing in the door of her home. She was unarmed and holding a baby. Court documents show that Randy Weaver was charged with cutting a shot gun too short. Court documents show the shotgun was 1/4” shorter than is legal to own, without paying a tax to the BATF. Court photo graphs show that the 5/8” rubber butt pad was removed before measuring. If the butt pad was left on it would be entirely legal. Anyone who has ever shot a shot gun would not remove the butt pad. A shot gun “kicks” when it is fired, the word is recoil. It hurts a butt pad helps a lot! Court documents show that government agents trumped up charges on the too short shotgun in an attempt to force Randy Weaver to go undercover for them with a white supremacist group. Randy Weaver was cleared of all charges and awarded millions for the wrongful death of his wife and son. If he was guilty of anything it was not paying a transfer tax to the BATF.

These were both maybe all three were part of PATCOM. Government agents attempting to infiltrate people in the Patriot Community. They were hoping to catch them doing something illegal and arrest them. So they say. When the Murrah federal building came down they had the patriot act under a different name, all typed up and ready to present to congress. Congress rightly stated it was unconstitutional and refused to pass it. Remember when it was passed after Sept 11, 2001 now renamed Patriot Act congress was not allowed to read it first.

There have been several false flag attempts where government agencies have helped misguided individuals in planning terrorist attacks. Often they jump in at the last minute, arrest the person they have been using and “save the day”. Was that what they were planning when the gave Nichols and McVeigh explosives? The evidence says no. Video of TV footage of the day shows police bringing out more unexploded bombs found on structural supports in the building. Odd since court transcripts show only the fertilizer bomb in the truck exists. The others in the videos? They were not there. TV news footage

There was a funny event. Government agents arrested a militia member and charged him with having bomb components. When it finally came to trial it was discovered that all of the “militia members” that were part of the bomb making group were government undercover agents feeding off each other. They had to admit that there was no way the guy they arrested, on whose property they had buried bomb components, could have known the bomb components were buried on his 16 acre property. The government agents were from different agencies and didn't know all the other guys. So you get the FBI, BATF, DEA and each one sends in a “white supremacist wanting to make bombs” and they find each other. Our tax dollars at work?

When we start looking at federal departments to cut or eliminate entirely this should be on the top of the list. Americans have an absolute god given right to own firearms. Why is there a federal department created to regulate a right? Someone does not understand what a “right” is. We created this government to secure our rights. To ensure no one ever attempted to deny us our rights. Now the federal government has become the one entity most likely to deny us our rights. The FBI has now gone so far off from what the objective should be that they are causing the death of innocents. All these events show out of control government. These are just the ones we have discovered. It has taken 17 years and freedom of information act force to get the documents and Mr Jesse Trentadue fighting for year to uncover the truth about his brothers murder.

Eric Holder should not resign he should be fired and charged as an accomplice to murder. Contact your congressmen and senators and insist on it.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

The entire financial system is corrupt

The worldwide economic system is corrupt. “The Entire System Has Been Utterly Destroyed”; Recommends “ALL customers Withdraw From All of the Markets”
warns Ann Barnhardt of Barnhardt Capital management. She shut down her company after the bankruptcy of MF Global. Corzine the ex government regulator/ friend of Obama and top guy at MF Global illegally used customers money held in trust to gamble with. Its like you having your money in the bank and the bank president takes your money to Vegas and loses it. The money in the segregated accounts was supposed to be safe as a bank.

“ CME Trust was established in 1969 to provide financial assistance to customers if a brokerage became insolvent. Federal rules requiring brokers to keep client money separate from their own made the prospect of customers actually losing money in a broker default seem so remote that the CME's board in 2005 voted to turn the Trust into a charitable foundation.”

Corzine as top man at Goldman Sachs, New Jersey Governor, US Senator to head of MF Global typifies what is wrong with both our financial and political system. The corruption and revolving door shows the cronyism practiced. When government and corporations work together that form of government is called Fascism. In another shocking turn of events the bankruptcy filing of MF Global was filed under the wrong type of bankruptcy so the creditors get paid off and the depositors get ripped off. This is the same MO as the housing collapse. Where the politically connected get bailed out and the middle class gets eliminated. All of the below quotes are from Ms Barnhardt's blog she has been in the business and knows far more than I about what is going on.

“Aside: I had a great conversation with a trader out of Hong Kong operating in Seattle earlier this week, and he confirmed that the Asian trade is now viewing the U.S. markets as POISON because of this. I told him to pack his bags and go home to Hong Kong and set up shop there, because - and brace yourselves for this - the Chinese markets and regulatory oversight bodies have more integrity than their U.S. counterparts, and there will be a flight to quality with regards to the rule of law into the Chinese financial markets.”

I have a friend that moved to China to “enjoy more freedom and provide more opportunity for his children” I speak with him on whats in the news in China. He says nothing we hear about China in the MSM is accurate.

“ First, all notions of personal property rights were essentially destroyed when the MF Global “trustee” began seizing customers’ gold and silver bullion held in storage if that bullion was purchased through contracts brokered by MF Global. In case you’re not following, let me restate. MF Global customers who traded in precious metals and actually took delivery and OWNED bullion, as in outright, free and clear OWNERSHIP, complete with a warehouse receipt (aka title) with SERIAL NUMBERS designating exactly which physical bars they OWNED, and were PAYING RENT to STORE their own property in a “secure” VAULT, complete with statements indicating that these storage fees were paid in full, are having THEIR PROPERTY THAT THEY OWN AND ARE PAYING RENT TO STORE CONFISCATED by the MF Global trustee in order to feed the gaping maw that is the MF Global “estate”.

Wow this is frightening the rule of law is truly dead in this nation.

“Also announced over the weekend was the jaw-dropping, yet illuminating fact that the MF Global bankruptcy was fraudulently, nefariously and illegally drawn up as a Chapter 7 BK for a SECURITIES DEALER and NOT a commodity brokerage as it should have been. Look, MF Global was the second-largest non-bank FCM in the United States next to NewEdge which is the old FIMAT. If MF Global wasn’t an FCM, then there are no FCMs. Of course it was an FCM. It had $7.2 billion in customer seg funds as of August 31, 2011. And yet MF Global was immediately, from the get-go, put into Chapter 7 BK as a SECURITIES FIRM. This is fraud. MF Global’s BK should have OBVIOUSLY been established under Subchapter IV of the Chapter 7 code as a COMMODITY BROKERAGE.
Why wasn’t this done? Because in a Subchapter IV liquidation of a commodity brokerage firm, guess who is absolutely and unequivocally at the front of the line? You guessed it: the CUSTOMERS. In the Chapter 7 liquidation of a securities firm, guess who goes to the front of the line? Uh-huh. The “creditors”, aka the counterparties on the firm’s proprietary positions. As in . . . J.P. Morgan, et al.
Now we know why" 
“ we now have both Soros AND J.P. Morgan getting uber-sweetheart deals on buying up the remnants of MF, specifically Italian sovereign paper. ZeroHedge posted a story today showing that JPM bought some of MF's Italian paper at fully 5% below market price at the time - 89 vs 94. That difference is a HELL of a lot of money that could have and SHOULD HAVE gone back into the MF estate and then out to the MF customers. Oh, and it is also wicked illegal. MF sold $2 billion in this same Italian junk paper to none other than Soros. I'm telling you, it does not require any sort of tinfoil hat to see what is going on here. Corzine scuttled the company with the blessing of the Obama regime and Holder Justice Department in order to effectively launder money to Soros and J.P. Morgan. This is why Corzine is testifying before Congress. He knows that he will never be prosecuted, so he isn't worried about "self-incrimination" or perjury. I also expect the Squid (that's Goldman Sachs, y'all) to make a similar appearance as a beneficiary before it is all said and done. “

This is absolutely criminal. None of these things could have happened without the assistance of the government we created to secure our rights. So they filed the paperwork so they could continue to rob the depositors! They sold JP Morgan and George Soros the customers money at a discount! Hey buddy I'll give you a dollar for eighty nine cents, stolen money. Pawn shop owners caught with stolen property have it taken from them by police without compensation. If the law were in effect the money would be seized and returned to the customers and all of those connected would be in jail. After the S & L crisis over 1,000 people went to jail. Martha Stewart went to jail for inside trading, why aren't most of our congressmen in jail as well?

The Boston tea party was as much a protest against the East India Tea company as the British Crown that backed them. We the American people must understand it is crony capitalism, which is not capitalism, that is allowing our government to aid and abet the crooks. We must join together and restore our Republic and the rule of law. The tea party was about overbearing excessive corrupt government, Occupy Wall Street is about corrupt corporations running our government. Quite honestly it is hard to tell who runs who?

Look up the definition of fascism. We are there.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Ron Paul a lunatic?

The presidential elections are coming up and the Iowa caucuses are in two weeks. Recent polling has shown Ron Paul in the lead. The news lately has been irritatingly funny. I can't count how many times Ron Paul is called crazy or a lunatic. Lets take a look at some of the things he has said or written and see. Is he crazy? Go look for yourself and ignore what the MSM says he said. Ron Paul said that we should not invade Afghanistan. He said the nation did not attack us, terrorists did. He said we should handle the terrorists the way Thomas Jefferson handled the Muslim terrorists of his day, back then they were called pirates. Thomas Jefferson's pirate laws and letters of marque and reprisal put an end to attacks and kidnapping of Americans for almost 50 years. Ron Paul said we should not invade the nation because it is so hard to leave. Now after more than ten years and trillions spent, history has proved Ron Paul was right. Honestly history proved Ron Paul was right before we invaded. More American soldiers have died in the wars than Americans were killed on Sept. 11, 2001.

Ron Paul says we should follow the Constitution and have a foreign policy of non-intervention as our founding fathers intended. Ron Paul receives more in donations from active duty military personnel than all the other candidates combined. I think that the American military personnel would have a better idea of what should be done than politicians in Washington DC. Ron Paul says we need to secure our borders and ports of entry to keep terrorists out of our nation. Where could a terrorist kill more Americans and do the most damage? In Afghanistan? Or on American soil? Ron Paul says that we should end all foreign aid. Politicians take from middle class Americans what they have worked hard for and have sent it to Mugabe, Yasser Arafat, Saddam Hussein, Osama bib Laden, Mohamar Qaddafi and other despots. Which seems more crazy?

Eric Holder and the "fast and the furious" monstrosity has been in the news. Where our tax dollars were spent to arm Mexican drug cartels. Those guns are responsible for at least two American and over 200 Mexican deaths. Recently documents have come out showing that Tim McVeigh was given explosives in a sting gone bad that resulted in the deaths of 168 innocent Americans in the Oklahoma City bombing. The USDA brought in a SWAT team, pointing guns at children whose parents are accused of buying or selling raw milk. The FDA spent over $60 million to harass Dr Burzynski in an attempt to steal his patented cancer cure. Ron Paul said we need to eliminate expensive federal programs that are unconstitutional and are infringing on our freedom.

In 1996 Consumer reports magazine rated many washing machines excellent some were very inexpensive. In 2011 no washing machines were rated excellent and all had gone up in price dramatically. Why? Government energy standards are reducing the quality and running up the costs on almost everything! Electricity costs have gone up dramatically again government mandates. More people are killed in car accidents today because of government CAFE standards. The collapse of the housing sector is often blamed on "deregulation" yet Eliot Spitzer said that everything they did was illegal but no one was arrested. After the S&L crisis over 1,000 people went to jail. Martha Stewart went to jail for "insider trading". Members of congress commit the same crime, they talk about making it illegal. If Martha Stewart went to jail for it, it is illegal. Our government is out of control and Ron Paul says we must shrink the size, scope and power of government and government officials should be held to the same standards as anyone else. Does that sound crazy to you?

Prohibition made Al Capone rich and crime and violence were increased by it. Our "war on drugs" is prohibition two. It is making drug dealers rich and crime and violence accompany it. There is an organization called LEAP Law Enforcement Against Prohibition. The information on their website is a real eye opener. Five times more people die in the USA every year from prescription drugs taken as prescribed than from all illegal drugs, and prescription drugs taken illegally, combined. On average 179 people die in the USA from Tylenol every year, 11 people total ever died from an herb called Ephedra, yet Ephedra is now banned. No on has ever died from Marijuana and yet we spend billions every year, to protect people from it? A 5 year placebo controlled study comparing Marijuana to prescription drugs for Multiple Sclerosis has shown that the herb is more effective than the $15,000 to $45,000 per month pharmaceutical concoctions, at relieving symptoms. Amazingly it also stopped the progression of the disease! More than 97% of all the "weed" eradicated by the DEA is wild hemp growing in ditches. There is a battle going on because hunters say the wild hemp provide seed and cover for game birds. Ron Paul says we must get the federal government out of areas where they do not belong. Crazy?

Police accidentally kill about one innocent person per day. Google “killed by police wrong house” you get hundreds of hits. I did. I was looking for my friends ( a retired cop) brother. He was sleeping in bed with his wife at 3:30 a.m. When they came crashing into his bedroom. He reached toward his nightstand and was shot and killed. The numbers in the address on the search warrant were transposed. It was the wrong house. The hits include a 7 yr old girl and a 92 yr old woman. Amazingly the police tried to plant drugs on the old lady after they shot her. They were far more concerned with covering their asses than getting medical care for her. That search is very narrow only people that actually died, and when the police were at the wrong house. How often are people just shot and messed up permanently but don't die. How often is it the right house as with Jose Guerena but the wrong person. Ron Paul says the war on drugs is a war on Americans.

Ron Paul says we must protect peoples freedom.

We must work together to restore our Republic. Stand together for freedom. The tea party is right we must cut spending and lower taxes to revitalize our economy. Occupy Wall Street is right corporations are doing illegal things. The Boston tea party was as much a protest against the East India Tea company as the British crown that was backing them. Things are the same today as in 1773.

We must put freedom first, Ron Paul is right.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Occupy Wall Street?

The idea of Socialism is awesome. Everyone has everything they need, no one is hungry or homeless. The problem is it has been tried repeatedly throughout human history and has failed miserably, every single time. Look at today’s Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement compared to the Bolshevik Revolution.
It began as “peaceful protests” on the 17th day of September. The protest began at a specific city which was the financial heart of the pre-eminent global capitalist “Republic” a world-power center of wealth and influence unequaled in the entire world at that specific time. The nation had been in a Great Recession for three years. Factories were closing their doors, and unemployment was high. The national debt to the world central bank was crippling. The future of this once great nation was bleak in every way. The message of the “protesters” was a simple one – the “working people” were the unwitting slaves of big business and corporate greed – a mere 1% (the “ruling class) were robbing the “people” (the remaining 99%) of their wealth and property. It was not just a single day of protests, but was scheduled to last for many months. Eventually, the “movement” spread to every other major city in the country – as well as other foreign nations.

I am describing the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 not Occupy Wall Street. Millions of Russian people eventually died following these “Red October” protests and the resultant class-warfare. The entire family line of Czar Nicholas was summarily executed in cold blooded genocide. Millions more of the “upper class” were either executed or imprisoned for life in Siberian gulags by the “Red Army” led by Vladimir Lenin and Leon Trosky. The “Soviet Union” was born. The brutal police state and massive death toll of Vladimir Lenin and Leon Trotsky was a far cry from the vision of socio-economic equality and the “peace, bread and land” the Bolshevik revolutionaries had envisioned and laid the groundwork to make a reality.

The National Socialist Party of Germany aimed to bring in a socialist utopia. Initially Nazi political strategy focused on anti big business, anti burgeois and anti-Capitalist rhetoric, many people today do not even know that NAZI was Socialism and along with 6 million Jews another 7 million Christians, Gypsies and Gays were murdered.

Someone is bank rolling these protests. Is it possible that the sons, grandsons and daughters of the same, global “financiers” using the exact same mindset are attempting  to do the same thing in America, 2011, as was accomplished in Russia in 1917? Did those same bankers finance Hitler and Stalin? We hear that these protests were “a spontaneous grass roots uprising”. Really? Then how was the funding set up and the date determined a year in advance? Who is funding the OWS movement? It appears they received $185,000 to start with from Adbusters, who appear to have received it from the Tides Center. In order to maintain “non-profit” (non tax) basis, the IRS requires tax-exempt foundations such as “Tides” to publish “disclosures”. Here we see that millions of dollars have been donated to “Tides” from something called the “Open Society” – which we then find to be a wholly owned foundation of Mr. George Soros, the “evil emperor” himself. Keep in mind who George Soros is. He’s the front man for the House of Rothschild, who by his own admission sent innocent Hungarian Sephardi Jews to the Nazi gas chambers. He is also one of the world’s richest men who made his billions via global market manipulation and insider trading! He is the very epitome of everything that O.W.S. says they hate.

Understand that those at the top would prefer a socialist system to shore up their power and wealth. Are the OWS protestors simply the “useful idiots” Lenin spoke of, like the Bolsheviks? Once the bankers have, using the force of government, destroyed the Free Market Capitalist system or what is left of it and collapsed world economies will they put the totalitarian police state in place, as they have every single time previously? The Federal Reserve Bank and the International Monetary Fund and the other private government controlling banks have robbed the people with the bailouts and corporate welfare and those misguided souls that are protesting for MORE GOVERNMENT do not see the big picture. The big picture is that without government backing these corrupt multinational banks could not do what they are. It it the corrupt big governments that are truly at fault.

We created this government to secure our rights, we have allowed it to become an overbearing monster from whom we must get permission to catch a fish. Our Constitution was written to limit the power of government to protect the rights of the people. Freedom and limited government created the highest standard of living the world has ever seen. As it has done every time it has been put into place. Now government workers are part of the 1% controlling the rest of us. If we do not rise up and return this nation to its Constitutionally limited government, it will continue to decline into the totalitarian police state and evil empire it is becoming. Look around the poverty we are experiencing with SWAT forces used on people with unpaid student debt, drinking raw milk, using oxygen therapy to cure cancer is all part and parcel of socialism’s reality. Where government is in control instead of the people.
Delia Lopez

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Is it time we the people call to erase the odious debt of our nation?

The concept of odious debt is not new. It has been around for nearly 100 years and was used by the USA to eliminate Iraq's debt before invasion. Ecuador created a committee to research the debts of that nation and they determined that 77% of the debt of that nation was odious debt. Odious debt is when a leader of a nation borrows money without consent of the people that are ultimately responsible for repaying the debt.

The criteria for odious debt requires three conditions:

1. Absence of Consent: The population must not have consented to the transaction in
question. This is so because it is unlikely that the law would forbid a person from
willingly entering into a contract that is detrimental to him or her.

2. Absence of Benefit: According to the applicable writings, there must be absence of
benefit to the population in two ways: (1) in the purpose of the transaction and (2)
in fact.

3. Creditor Awareness: This requirement stipulates that the creditor must be aware of
the absence of consent and benefit. There are several standards that may be
employed for measuring ‘awareness’, and luckily domestic law provides a
sufficiently broad definition of ‘awareness’ to capture those creditors that shut their
eyes to the obvious.

I believe all of the recent debts of the American regimes fit this bill to a T!

#1 When President Bush created the bailouts hundreds of thousands of Americans called their congressmen and told them to vote NO. Nancy Pelosi stated that she had received 85,000 calls against the bailouts and only 1 for them. She voted for them because “we didn't understand”. One congressman quipped that his calls were coming in about 50/50. 50% of the callers said NO and 50% said HELL NO! This makes it very easy to determine that the people responsible for repayment were against it. When elected leaders violate their oaths of office and ignore the wishes of those they represent, elected or not they have taken on the role of dictator. President Obama and President Bush before him have both taken on dictatorial powers and ignored the wishes of the American people and have incurred large amounts of odious debt.

#2 The money was handed over to those politically connected enough to have their hands in the pockets of the politicians. The people have received no benefit. As the government spent the 2.3 trillion dollars of stimulus money against the will of the people paying the bills. The people were losing their jobs, homes and life times worth of savings.

#3 The amount of money the American regimes have spent waging wars around the globe in violation of the congressional requirement that only congress can declare war. Huge numbers of Americans protesting the wars show that the people are not in support. Obama determined to send troops into Libya without even bothering to contact congress. Any reasonable lender should have been able to determine, before loaning funds, that the people were opposed. The fact that the people were opposed to “the bailouts” and “the stimulus” should have been known by the lenders as well.

The people of this country are being robbed plain and simple. By the bankers that are truly in control of the governments of the world. They are being aided by those we elected to represent us. We are being raped repeatedly by the bankers, and the government we created to secure our rights, holds our arms to force us to comply. How can debt placed upon the unborn be considered legitimate? It can not. The fact that the lenders are loaning money with the full knowledge that those that will be tapped for repayment can not have received benefit should make the fact these debts are odious quite obvious even to the non involved. This is theft.

An additional item should be considered. In order to have to have a contract and a debt both parties must have brought something of value to the table. At this time the federal reserve bank is printing money at whim out of thin air. It costs the federal reserve bank nothing to create the funds. The interest charge on the created funds is becoming one of the largest parts of the debt as is the case in many nations. So instead of serving the needs of the people paying, the needs of the bankers are being serviced.

“That the United States government, the U.S Federal Reserve, and a plethora of financial institutions, are in breach of numerous U.S. laws in regards to fraud and fiduciary duty to the American people, is held to be self-evident, by a growing minority of individuals around the world. That this breach of law and duty has resulted in the deterioration of the global marketplace, diminished opportunities for workers, and effected an acute decay in living standards for millions around the world, is without doubt.
Since the founding of the houses of Rothschild and Morgan in the 18th and 19th centuries respectively, banks and bankers have progressively adopted the role of financiers to governments, who find themselves placed in a position of obligation to their financiers. Laws and regulations are thus influenced more by the interests of bankers than by the public interest. This is the essential conflict that undermines the possibility of real democracy in our world. Its not a case of who can get the most votes – it’s a case of who’s got the most money.
These banking dynasties (and the people with the most money who control them) have spawned an entire sub-race of human beings who are characterized by a conviction of their superior intellect, and entitlement to act outside of the laws of society, reinforced by the governments who are obliged to aid and abet them as debtors. This has resulted in a situation whereby the entire global economic engine is in the control of these very rich and powerful dynasties, who now collude daily to manipulate markets to their own benefit, and at the expense of the rest of the world’s citizenry.” “The closest that media has ever come to exposing this criminal organization is in the film “Inside Job”, by Charles Ferguson. The film does an utterly fantastic job of baring the collusive relationships among government, bankers, and economists. But it fails to identify the very root cause, which are these financial dynasties acting in concert, populating governments with hand-picked puppets who do their bidding, often naively. “ James West www,
“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed. That whenever any form of government becomes destructive to these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, “ Declaration of Independence
The government we created to secure our rights is aiding and abetting a criminal cartel of bankers that are enriching themselves by these schemes. We the people must step up and take back our country!