Sunday, December 25, 2011

Eric Holder should not resign. He should be fired and charged as an accomplice to murder.

Our government has been caught smuggling guns and drugs “Iran Contra” and“Fast and Furious” plus many more. Recently it has come out that Eric Holder was part of a sting operation where Timothy McVeigh was given explosives and then they “lost him” and the explosives. One hundred and seventy six Americans were killed, many of them children. Curiously all of the files containing information on the Waco massacre were destroyed and the investigation into how the serving of a search warrant could end up costing so many lives. Many of those children as well. John Ross' book “Unintended Consequences” looks at some of the gaping inconsistencies between the evidence and the official story. The search warrant states that someone saw the lower end of an AK-47. There is no such thing. An AK-47 is a one piece weapon and is legal. If they meant a lower end of an AR that is also totally legal. If it was a fully automatic weapon, as many try to respond, fully automatic AR's are legal in Texas. Several of the members of the community had federal firearms licenses. So if they were guilty of anything it was failure to pay a $200 transfer tax on an additional gun to the BATF.

Ruby Ridge, where a ten year old boy was shot in the back in his own yard and his mother was shot while standing in the door of her home. She was unarmed and holding a baby. Court documents show that Randy Weaver was charged with cutting a shot gun too short. Court documents show the shotgun was 1/4” shorter than is legal to own, without paying a tax to the BATF. Court photo graphs show that the 5/8” rubber butt pad was removed before measuring. If the butt pad was left on it would be entirely legal. Anyone who has ever shot a shot gun would not remove the butt pad. A shot gun “kicks” when it is fired, the word is recoil. It hurts a butt pad helps a lot! Court documents show that government agents trumped up charges on the too short shotgun in an attempt to force Randy Weaver to go undercover for them with a white supremacist group. Randy Weaver was cleared of all charges and awarded millions for the wrongful death of his wife and son. If he was guilty of anything it was not paying a transfer tax to the BATF.

These were both maybe all three were part of PATCOM. Government agents attempting to infiltrate people in the Patriot Community. They were hoping to catch them doing something illegal and arrest them. So they say. When the Murrah federal building came down they had the patriot act under a different name, all typed up and ready to present to congress. Congress rightly stated it was unconstitutional and refused to pass it. Remember when it was passed after Sept 11, 2001 now renamed Patriot Act congress was not allowed to read it first.

There have been several false flag attempts where government agencies have helped misguided individuals in planning terrorist attacks. Often they jump in at the last minute, arrest the person they have been using and “save the day”. Was that what they were planning when the gave Nichols and McVeigh explosives? The evidence says no. Video of TV footage of the day shows police bringing out more unexploded bombs found on structural supports in the building. Odd since court transcripts show only the fertilizer bomb in the truck exists. The others in the videos? They were not there. TV news footage

There was a funny event. Government agents arrested a militia member and charged him with having bomb components. When it finally came to trial it was discovered that all of the “militia members” that were part of the bomb making group were government undercover agents feeding off each other. They had to admit that there was no way the guy they arrested, on whose property they had buried bomb components, could have known the bomb components were buried on his 16 acre property. The government agents were from different agencies and didn't know all the other guys. So you get the FBI, BATF, DEA and each one sends in a “white supremacist wanting to make bombs” and they find each other. Our tax dollars at work?

When we start looking at federal departments to cut or eliminate entirely this should be on the top of the list. Americans have an absolute god given right to own firearms. Why is there a federal department created to regulate a right? Someone does not understand what a “right” is. We created this government to secure our rights. To ensure no one ever attempted to deny us our rights. Now the federal government has become the one entity most likely to deny us our rights. The FBI has now gone so far off from what the objective should be that they are causing the death of innocents. All these events show out of control government. These are just the ones we have discovered. It has taken 17 years and freedom of information act force to get the documents and Mr Jesse Trentadue fighting for year to uncover the truth about his brothers murder.

Eric Holder should not resign he should be fired and charged as an accomplice to murder. Contact your congressmen and senators and insist on it.

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