Thursday, January 12, 2012

Government gone wild.

Our government is totally corrupt. While congress argues over increasing the debt ceiling the FED doles out trillions of dollars. Imagine a system where you pay government to enact and enforce rules and tax schemes to benefit you and harm your competition. Where the politically connected are given huge sums of cash by the FED that are stolen from middle class Americans. The only way to eliminate the corruption is to cut the power of congress to benefit one at the expense of another. Campaign finance laws do not help at all! The FEC is part of the corrupt government. There are many cute ways the politicians get paid. Buying a congressman’s house for hundreds of thousands of dollars more than it is worth and selling it at a huge loss a month later. Hiring the politicians spouse and paying them a huge salary at a job they do not even have to show up at! These are actual examples of things that are being and have been done. It is legal, slimy but legal. If it were illegal do you really think they would be prosecuted for their crimes? Really?

Look at Eliot Spitzer he said everything the Wall Street Bankers were doing was illegal but no one was prosecuting them. So he did, they got him, not the crooks. Goldman Sachs and Citibank looted Argentina in 2001 privatizing the profits and publicizing the losses using their central bank bailing out the bankers and putting the debt onto the taxpayers. The economy collapsed. Does this sound at all familiar? They did the exact same thing in the USA they are still doing it. The only way to stop the theft is to eliminate the FED. The FED gives money to whoever it chooses to. The banks have become even more profitable because the worthless assets have been transferred onto the backs of the American tax payers. The middle class is shrinking and has been for nearly 100 years. It began in 1913 with the creation of the FED and the passage of the 16th and 17th amendments. These dramatically increased the power of congress to benefit the politically connected. While also creating an avenue to take by force what people have worked hard to earn. The abandoning of all monetary connections to gold in 1971 by Richard Nixon, by executive order, enabled increased spending.

The estimated debt for every US citizen is over $66,000. That is more than most people earn in a year. I consider this to qualify for odious debt elimination. Odious debt is debt that is placed onto the tax payers by the politicians that the tax payers did not authorize or benefit from and the lender knew or should have known that was true. That debt is subject to elimination under international law. When they can take what one individual has earned and give it to benefit another that is theft. Last year we spent over $550,000 on a documentary showing rock and roll music contributed to the collapse of the Soviet Union. We gave China 17.5 million in aid while we owe them over a trillion dollars. We are paying for military protection for many nations. We pay to guard many nations borders but not our own. We paid to buy guns for Mexican drug cartels, give guns to child soldiers in Chad, build a lovely mansion for Mugabe and help keep despots in power. We must cut spending overseas and focus on our nation. Americans are the most generous of people if they want to donate to other nations they will. For politicians to steal from middle class Americans and give it away is wrong, it is not theirs to give.

Domestically our tax dollars pay to send SWAT teams in, pointing guns at children whose parents are accused of buying or selling raw milk. Over $60 million was spent to harass a doctor working to cure cancer while the FDA agents worked behind the scenes to attempt to steal his patented cancer cure from him. Our government ignored fraud and theft in the mortgage industry as they were profiting from it through campaign donations from those committing the crimes. When the corruption caused the collapse of the banks, instead of allowing the banks to fail they paid the bankers off with money stolen from middle class Americans. If the banks were allowed to fail the FDIC would have paid far less to the depositors and the mortgages could have been bought up by other investors or paid off by the home owners possibly at a discount. Now the feds are looking at bundling the houses and selling them at a discount in bundles to investors, instead of allowing the market to correct and people buy homes. So another payback for the campaign donors as usual. Is this what you want to pay for?

The only way we can restore our Republic is to remove the power from congress to take from one to benefit others. Take the power back from congress and return it to the people.

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