Saturday, February 25, 2012

Redistribution is theft.

When you take from one what he has worked for to give it to anyone else, that is theft. Good intentions do not alter the act. Where in our Constitution was the government authorized or given the power to steal from hardworking Americans to dole out to whom they choose? I start off with foreign aid, the American people are robbed and the proceeds are sent to despots and any other entity government determines should be enriched. We owe over a trillion dollars to China, yet last year we sent them 14.5 million dollars in foreign aid. Why? Our nation is deeply in debt and borrowing from China and other nations to fund these “gifts”. I doubt the vast majority of Americans would choose to donate to most of these countries if they had the choice. A free country? Where government has usurped the power to steal from you and send it anywhere they choose, no matter what you want, that is tyranny.

Today’s “robber barons” use the government to harm the competition. Government has determined it is in our best interest to give wealthy multinational corporations dollars stolen from us. GE alone was given 3.2 billion dollars last year. Ethanol subsidies are another form of corporate welfare, I won't start on the bailouts of all sorts. Deregulation did not cause the “mortgage crisis” as Eliot Spitzer said everything they were doing was illegal and no one was prosecuting them. Huge amounts of evidence has come forward showing criminal acts, yet no one is in jail. MF Global violated laws and fiduciary trust and the agency tasked with preventing the fraud did nothing. The agency created to protect the deposits of average Americans did nothing. The courts handling the bankruptcy proceedings allowed MF Global to file the wrong type of bankruptcy so that JP Morgan and George Soros got paid off and made money off the theft of small depositors “safe” money. There were over 100 formal complaints filed against Bernie Madoff yet the government entity tasked with overseeing his actions did nothing. Why? Could it be it is much more profitable for those tasked with preventing fraud and theft to aid and abet it? Jon Corazine ex head of MF Global who made millions stealing from “segregated accounts” entrusted to his care, is looking for new office space in Manhattan. Could it be that as Obama's friend he is untouchable? He should be in jail.

When Lehman Bros was allowed to go bankrupt JP Morgan allegedly siphoned off billions of dollars under the “watchful eye” of Tim Geithner. Tim Geithner has ignored a subpoena since Aug 2011. How can someone ignore a subpoena and not be in jail? This as is the pattern that allows the government officials to back their very rich buddies while screwing over the little guys. On top of that they robbed all taxpaying Americans to ensure they remained wealthy. There seems to be a pattern appearing. The phrase “above the law” comes to mind. This used to be a nation of laws, where everyone was under the same laws. Now they pick and choose who they prosecute and what laws they enforce. BATF “fast and furious” mess where Eric Holder and Obama spent 10 million dollars to get guns into the hands of a Mexican drug cartel. The holders of the mortgages were paid off by taxpayers as they increased taxes and fees on businesses to pay for it. Those businesses then laid off people and those people then lost the homes their taxes had paid to bail the mortgage holders out on. Same pattern government working with corporations to screw the little guy. Our tax dollars at work!

The message of the Tea Party was “less government”. When the Tea Party began in 2007 it was small and opposed to the governments intervention in the market place through heinous regulations and confiscatory tax rates. They were opposed to the bail outs and many were also opposed to unconstitutional wars and massive overseas spending that is increasing tax rates and the national debt. Small businesses can do nothing without government permission. A recent story in the New York times detailed some of the abuse someone wanting to start a business had to endure. It took years and hundreds of thousands of dollars to open a small ice cream soda shop. One of the heads of Intel stated that the main reason they do not open factories etc in the USA is the expensive government costs imposed on any company trying to build here that are not imposed by other governments. Add the highest corporate tax rate, and undefined and constantly changing environmental rules. The idea of risking money in this environment, is insane. I gave out my phone number while running for congress and spoke with many people that had lost their jobs. One had put an ad on craigslist to do odd jobs for senior citizens. Drive them to doctors appointments, clean rain gutters, take loads of trash to the dump. He was fined $600 for cleaning out rain gutters without a contractors license. He looked into getting a contractors license and it took thousands of dollars to obtain one. One woman was doing braids in her home for donations, they fined her and put a $25,000 lien on her home. They take from small businesses to give 32 million to Facebook to create 35 jobs. Our tax dollars at work. There are books of cases “Free Lunch” by David Cay Johnston is one of many detailing what should be criminal acts.

Originally our nation was free and it was the most prosperous nation in the history of the world. Charity was voluntary and widows and orphans were cared for by the community and during times of plenty they were well cared for. During times of poverty many people were hungry this is the same today. People could start with nothing and build a business and become wealthy that was the American dream. Get a rag and a bucket of water and wash windows, work long and hard and you could be successful. You can not legally do that today. Small business was the backbone of our economy. Now our tax dollars go to persecute small businesses. We pay for SWAT teams to raid people buying or selling raw milk in accordance with state law. We paid over sixty million dollars to attempt to jail Dr Brysinsky while FDA officials were attempting to steal his patented cancer cure. He was operating in accordance with state law. We paid over eleven million dollars to violate property rights of small gold miners in the Jefferson mining region. The people are following the laws and the government officials are violating laws and the rights of people, with impunity from prosecution. Using our tax dollars to do it. While our tax dollars are used to subsidize giant strip mines.

The message of Occupy Wall Street appears to be “corporations are illegally generating huge profits while screwing over the little guy and we need more government regulations to stop it. Government should be providing more for the people”. The problem is that government has not enforced the regulations as they should. They use the regulations to help or hinder their friends or foes. Gibson Guitar Co. is shut down and harassed several times by government agents over an imported wood. While another guitar company uses the same wood imported the same way from the same place is not? The only difference appears to be political donation records. The organization i-caucus documents similar cases of crony capitalism where politicians are paid to vote for or against something. Companies can hire lobbyists to get regulations and tax codes passed to help them or harm their competition. Regulators interpret the regulations in ways to line their and their friends pockets. Our Constitution was written to limit the size scope and power of government especially the federal government to protect the rights of the people. When the federal government takes control the people lose it. Until we remove from congress the power to take from one to benefit another the people will not have control of our government.

We the people need to join together and work to return control of government to the people. Local government is most efficient and the people are better able to maintain control. Years ago the Grace commission did a study on cutting the cost of government while improving quality. Few of his recommendations have been followed. One was the “Oregon Trail card” to replace food stamps. The change saved millions of dollars in postal costs, losses and fraud while delivering more efficient service to the people. One of his suggestions was eliminating the Federal department of education. They spend millions of dollars pushing paper in Washington DC that would be more effectively used paying for books or teachers at the local level. Talk to TPP or OWS they are saying the same things about the problems. We agree on the problems, lets work together to find a solution. Ron Paul is right on eliminating the federal department of education and getting the federal government cut down to size.

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