Tuesday, February 28, 2012

In it again for Freedom

Since the last election, I have been asked if I would run again. I have said I did not plan to and I meant it. It is impossible to know what it is like if you have never run for an office. It is awful. Everything you say is twisted out of context and if they can't find “dirt” on you, they make stuff up. I literally had someone spit in my face for being “racist” and “hating all Mexicans”. Now anyone who has seen a photo of my immediate family should know I cannot be racist. My husband's father was born in Mexico which makes my husband a Mexican citizen as well as an American citizen. I just returned from Mexico we go there almost every year for at least a short visit. I have many great friends in Mexico. I love Mexico and the Mexican people and may just end up moving there if we cannot stop the Fascist police state that is developing in the US. Many of my friends have already left. One that moved to China for more freedom and opportunity for his children, tells me the news in China almost every time I speak with him.. He keeps saying leave the USA. The rate of people renouncing their American citizenship continues to multiply. Our government has enacted a 30% tax on everything you own if you renounce your citizenship. People are willing to pay to leave, scary thought.

The statement that was used to paint me racist is “people in the country illegally should not get welfare, food stamps or housing assistance. It should be prioritized to go to disabled or elderly American citizens”. I stand by my statement. Our welfare system should be prioritized to care for disabled and elderly citizens first and foremost. People should not be rewarded for breaking laws. This is one of many areas where I agree with Ron Paul and his statement has been twisted as well. There is no one I agree with on every issue. I doubt anyone agrees with anyone else on every issue. The best we can do is choose the ones we agree with the most or the one that is honest. I would choose honest over smart any day. People who will stand for and do what is right in the face of opposition seem to be few and far between. Congress has a 9% approval rating. That is far better than I believe they deserve. Yet they continue to be re-elected? They ignore the will of the people, and line their own pockets and the pockets of their friends/donors. Recent studies show congress net worth continuing to increase as ours their constituents continues to decrease.

The Federal Reserve is not a part of the government. It is a private bank that creates money out of thin air. It becomes a part of the debt the taxpayers are expected to pay back with interest. After it is created where does it go? The battle to determine that continues, the head of the fed has refused to tell congress and as information comes out the media seldom reports it. Recent reports show 16 trillion going to overseas banks. Another recent report shows a member of the English parliament researching what appears to be a 15 Trillion dollar money laundering enterprise signed by Alan Greenspan and Tim Geitner. The Federal Reserve Bank was created on Dec 23, 1913 after many in congress had left for Christmas break and with its creation the power of the elite and the government have increased. During a debate when I last ran for congress ,the Green Party candidate had some great charts showing how income inequality has grown since 1913. He said it was because of the change in tax rates. The income tax was considered unconstitutional. It was considered theft. The 16th amendment was supposedly ratified in 1913 as well (I say supposedly because the book “The Law That Never Was” shows copies of the documents from all states showing it was not ratified. It was passed by fraud!) and the transfer of wealth from the middle class to the very wealthy began! The 17th amendment was similarly passed in 1913 and seriously weakened the power of the states over the federal government.

These three changes have fundamentally altered our form of government. Our states were to hold the power to protect the people from federal tyranny. At this time most people agree the federal government is overstepping their constitutionally imposed bounds. From the battles over raw milk, medical marijuana, death with dignity, the war on drugs, Obama-care and the federal department of education, the EPA and the myriad regulations imposed on businesses, to unconstitutional restrictions on guns; the list is very long. This has been a slow process that has intertwined our government with huge multinational corporations. What is the name of the form of government where business and governments collude? Fascism. When a president ignores the Constitution and imposes his will with signing statements or executive orders bypassing the checks and balances originally in our system to keep presidential power limited, he makes himself a dictator. It is a shocking statement. Our nation is becoming a fascist dictatorship. Study this and you will see it is true. I am not putting this exclusively on Obama. Bush and others started it before he arrived but he has continued and expanded it.

Right now our police are being militarized, yetviolent crime is at a 45 year low. Police in the USA are killing an innocent person every single day. We are lined up and searched to board a plane and sometimes now buses or to enter malls. People are being detained for not having identification on them! Reporters are being detained for reporting on what our government is doing. Whistle blower protections on government officials are being eliminated and Obama has gone after more whistle blowers that all other presidents combined! So much for promises of government transparency. We are invading countries without congressional declaration of war and now, without the president even going to the congress at all, we invaded Libya. We are providing bombs to bomb Yemen and other nations as well. Peace president? I have had people inform me that we went into Libya on a UN mandate. We also went into Iraq on a UN mandate. Where in our Constitution was the UN given the authority to use our soldiers to make war? Our founding fathers complaint on standing armies is real here and now. Our nation is becoming a police state.

The government/ corporate oligarchy has become very powerful with help from the left and the right. Both sides working against each other and playing into the hands of the few at the top. Unless we the people of this once great nation wake up and work together to restore our Constitutionally restricted government and restore freedom, we are done. Freedom once lost is not easily restored. Most of us will agree the federal government is doing things we do not want it to do. By empowering them to do what you do want to do you are also empowering them to do what you do not want them to do. It is up to all of us, to work together for our children. Through this Fascist dictatorship, a police state is forming. Will you work to help stop it?

So once again I am running for office Congress Oregon CD #3. And once again, I am told it is not winnable. The people in the district want an all powerful government and do not care about freedom. I refuse to believe that. I have been asked why district 3 when I do not live in it. The answer is that the person that is in that seat is, in my opinion, one of the most damaging to freedom in the state in which I live. The idea of congressional districts to get the representative to bring home the “federal bacon” is not in the Constitution. The federal government has no bacon to give unless it steals it from someone. Senators were appointed by the states to protect state sovereignty. Congress was elected by the people of the state as Senators are now. Our form of government has been fundamentally altered. But not altered in a way that promotes freedom and protects our rights. We created this government to secure our rights. That is the only legitimate function of government. I am running as a republican because the Republican Party was created to end slavery! The Republican Party fought for women to be able to vote! Now both parties have lost their way and neither seem to be representing the people anymore.

My web-page lays out most of my positions on everything. If you have a question I have not answered or want to volunteer to help on the campaign email me at Delia@dlopezforcongress.com or call me 503-954-4080 I answer all calls to that number. Well, occasionally my husband will too. If I do not answer, leave a message with your name and number and I will call you back. I am asking you to hire me to represent you. I can't do that without communicating with you.
Delia Lopez

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