Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Ron Paul a lunatic?

The presidential elections are coming up and the Iowa caucuses are in two weeks. Recent polling has shown Ron Paul in the lead. The news lately has been irritatingly funny. I can't count how many times Ron Paul is called crazy or a lunatic. Lets take a look at some of the things he has said or written and see. Is he crazy? Go look for yourself and ignore what the MSM says he said. Ron Paul said that we should not invade Afghanistan. He said the nation did not attack us, terrorists did. He said we should handle the terrorists the way Thomas Jefferson handled the Muslim terrorists of his day, back then they were called pirates. Thomas Jefferson's pirate laws and letters of marque and reprisal put an end to attacks and kidnapping of Americans for almost 50 years. Ron Paul said we should not invade the nation because it is so hard to leave. Now after more than ten years and trillions spent, history has proved Ron Paul was right. Honestly history proved Ron Paul was right before we invaded. More American soldiers have died in the wars than Americans were killed on Sept. 11, 2001.

Ron Paul says we should follow the Constitution and have a foreign policy of non-intervention as our founding fathers intended. Ron Paul receives more in donations from active duty military personnel than all the other candidates combined. I think that the American military personnel would have a better idea of what should be done than politicians in Washington DC. Ron Paul says we need to secure our borders and ports of entry to keep terrorists out of our nation. Where could a terrorist kill more Americans and do the most damage? In Afghanistan? Or on American soil? Ron Paul says that we should end all foreign aid. Politicians take from middle class Americans what they have worked hard for and have sent it to Mugabe, Yasser Arafat, Saddam Hussein, Osama bib Laden, Mohamar Qaddafi and other despots. Which seems more crazy?

Eric Holder and the "fast and the furious" monstrosity has been in the news. Where our tax dollars were spent to arm Mexican drug cartels. Those guns are responsible for at least two American and over 200 Mexican deaths. Recently documents have come out showing that Tim McVeigh was given explosives in a sting gone bad that resulted in the deaths of 168 innocent Americans in the Oklahoma City bombing. The USDA brought in a SWAT team, pointing guns at children whose parents are accused of buying or selling raw milk. The FDA spent over $60 million to harass Dr Burzynski in an attempt to steal his patented cancer cure. Ron Paul said we need to eliminate expensive federal programs that are unconstitutional and are infringing on our freedom.

In 1996 Consumer reports magazine rated many washing machines excellent some were very inexpensive. In 2011 no washing machines were rated excellent and all had gone up in price dramatically. Why? Government energy standards are reducing the quality and running up the costs on almost everything! Electricity costs have gone up dramatically again government mandates. More people are killed in car accidents today because of government CAFE standards. The collapse of the housing sector is often blamed on "deregulation" yet Eliot Spitzer said that everything they did was illegal but no one was arrested. After the S&L crisis over 1,000 people went to jail. Martha Stewart went to jail for "insider trading". Members of congress commit the same crime, they talk about making it illegal. If Martha Stewart went to jail for it, it is illegal. Our government is out of control and Ron Paul says we must shrink the size, scope and power of government and government officials should be held to the same standards as anyone else. Does that sound crazy to you?

Prohibition made Al Capone rich and crime and violence were increased by it. Our "war on drugs" is prohibition two. It is making drug dealers rich and crime and violence accompany it. There is an organization called LEAP Law Enforcement Against Prohibition. The information on their website is a real eye opener. Five times more people die in the USA every year from prescription drugs taken as prescribed than from all illegal drugs, and prescription drugs taken illegally, combined. On average 179 people die in the USA from Tylenol every year, 11 people total ever died from an herb called Ephedra, yet Ephedra is now banned. No on has ever died from Marijuana and yet we spend billions every year, to protect people from it? A 5 year placebo controlled study comparing Marijuana to prescription drugs for Multiple Sclerosis has shown that the herb is more effective than the $15,000 to $45,000 per month pharmaceutical concoctions, at relieving symptoms. Amazingly it also stopped the progression of the disease! More than 97% of all the "weed" eradicated by the DEA is wild hemp growing in ditches. There is a battle going on because hunters say the wild hemp provide seed and cover for game birds. Ron Paul says we must get the federal government out of areas where they do not belong. Crazy?

Police accidentally kill about one innocent person per day. Google “killed by police wrong house” you get hundreds of hits. I did. I was looking for my friends ( a retired cop) brother. He was sleeping in bed with his wife at 3:30 a.m. When they came crashing into his bedroom. He reached toward his nightstand and was shot and killed. The numbers in the address on the search warrant were transposed. It was the wrong house. The hits include a 7 yr old girl and a 92 yr old woman. Amazingly the police tried to plant drugs on the old lady after they shot her. They were far more concerned with covering their asses than getting medical care for her. That search is very narrow only people that actually died, and when the police were at the wrong house. How often are people just shot and messed up permanently but don't die. How often is it the right house as with Jose Guerena but the wrong person. Ron Paul says the war on drugs is a war on Americans.

Ron Paul says we must protect peoples freedom.

We must work together to restore our Republic. Stand together for freedom. The tea party is right we must cut spending and lower taxes to revitalize our economy. Occupy Wall Street is right corporations are doing illegal things. The Boston tea party was as much a protest against the East India Tea company as the British crown that was backing them. Things are the same today as in 1773.

We must put freedom first, Ron Paul is right.

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