Monday, May 3, 2010


I am a big supporter of the Constitution and all of our rights! I value freedom over all other things. What good is life if you are not free? Of what use is wealth if you are not free? Is vibrant health of value if you are locked up? We created this government to secure our rights. We have allowed this government to become an overbearing monster from which we must get permission before we can catch a fish! I am a republican because I believe in freedom! This nation became great because of our freedoms! We must do what ever each of us can do to protect our freedoms. One after another one administration after another our rights are being stripped away! We are having a raffle to help fund congressional pest removal. I have a really hard time asking for donations. I just feel wrong. I have not actually managed to just ask. I am told everyone know how expensive running a congressional campaign is and that you need funds to pay for printing, website, signs the list seems endless! So we are having a raffle Springfield Armory 1911 PX9 152LP. It is a thing of beauty. If you are interested in purchasing tickets you can email me at we have several people selling them in the Portland OR area. The legal transfer will be handled by the Gun Zone and the winner must be able to pass the back ground check and be legally able to accept the firearm. For an out of area winner the weapon will need to be shipped to a licensed dealer near you for back ground check and legal transfer. We will be selling 1999 tickets at $5 (if we are able to sell every single one of them) and having the drawing on the 4th of July a day recognized as celebrating our FREEDOM! Winner need not be present to win. If you want to purchase a ticket or (100?) you may do so on my website. The donate button accepts credit cards or checks or? Please put raffle in comments and add your phone number. We will be drawing the ticket and calling the winner so we will need it. I promise not to call you otherwise!

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