Monday, March 26, 2012

Hitler was a nice guy

Hitler was a nice guy. The people loved him. He wanted a socialistic utopia. Read his speeches they sound eerily familiar about now. I was campaigning in Portland and a man explained to me that socialism is wonderful. Everyone shares everything there is no hunger or homelessness. I explained that the idea of socialism was great. The problem was it has been tried repeatedly throughout human history and has failed miserably every single time. He said "it has not been tried during the 20th century on a national level" I said so you are a supporter of the "National Socialist Party" and he said YES! I said "you realize that is the NAZI party, right?" He turned bright red called me an F__ing liar and stormed off. Our government education system is teaching socialism and leaving out inconvenient facts. Look at some of the hate being stirred up today. Listen to the Jew bashing speeches and the kill whitey rhetoric in the media today. Where is our nation headed?

Look at the numbers of people socialist and communists killed Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot estimates range from 21 to 70 million dead. Hitler only killed 13 million he was small potatoes. Another often unmentioned fact is he killed 6 million Jews and 7 million Christians. Look around today in Egypt they just wiped out the Christians, Libya same deal. In Rwanda when the United Nations went in and disarmed the Tutsi's. They were predominately Christian and the Hutu's were Muslim and Cofi Annon was a Hutu. How come the dead were usually Christians? Is this genocide against Christians going on for decades and on a world wide scale. The UN legacy often using American troops. Why does the UN facilitate genocide?

Right wing Christians are a potential terrorist group. Now our president has the power to declare anyone a terrorist. RJ Rummels book death by government shows millions of people killed by big government over the past 100 years with increasing numbers toward the last 50. Today in the USA about one innocent person is killed by cops every day. A shocking number of these seem to be veterans. I am doing a bit of research, remember returning veterans are listed as potential terrorists with the Christians. From the man getting into his car with his two daughters in the back seat shot down in front of his kids, unarmed, no warning, one man argued with his wife and went to sit in his car to cool off. Cops shot him as he got out, another one walking at night carrying his 9 month old grandson cops said turn around, he did. They saw something they thought might be a gun and shot him to death holding a baby. There are many, many more.

Theories abound that they want to goad us into open revolt. Look at the similarities behind Occupy Wall Street and the Bolsheviks, useless idiots being put into action? Our government is a fascist dictatorship and an extremely corrupt one at that.Our government controls all business with EPA, IRS etc regulations shut down one guitar co. for endangered wood whose CEO donates to Republicans ignoring another using the same wood from the same place that donates to Democrats? Bypassing congress to go to war or place Czars in control, we are there. Police state is on its way as well. Obama has gone after more government whistle blowers than all former presidents combined. Freedom of the press, right he just told them not to mention his daughters trip. I was in Mexico in January and it was all over the news about Obama’s connections with the Mexican drug cartels and his arming them with Fast and Furious guns and how many were dead. They have killed hundreds of people in Mexico. Why is it not on the news here?

Could it be that most of the media is owned by four large corporations that are controlled by the same people that control most banks and many military or industrial corporations? Odd coincidence that Interpol was based in Berlin and run by men with connections to Hitlers SS. Occupy Wall Street has it backwards. Our government controls the “evil corporations” a company can not do anything in the USA without the consent of the government. Like the KONY 2012 project funded by Citibank, was that to get people worked up so Obama would send in troops to liberate the oil? Useful idiots in action? I found this the other day and it really made me think on the Ron Paul narrative. How they twist what he says. Listen to what he says and what they say. I do believe the United Nations is the most evil creation on the planet, the beast from Revelation perhaps? We were in point of fact bombing Iraq under Clinton well the UN controlled it using our men, planes and bombs. It is in the congressional record. We are bombing Yemen now Obama blew up and all girls middle school there 68 12 -13 yr old girls killed, didn't make the news. If Bush was president it would have been everywhere how he murdered innocent girls. I am not a Bush fan but our media is useless and biased.

We created this government to secure our rights, we have allowed it to become an overbearing monster from whom we must get permission to catch a fish. How can we regain control of our government?

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