Saturday, March 17, 2012

What Happened?

I look at what has happened to our nation and I am appalled. We send SWAT teams in after people for raw milk? We arm in Libya the same exact people we are fighting in Afghanistan? We are loading debt onto our great great grandchildren, borrowing money from foreign nations to pay for it all. We owe China over a trillion dollars and yet we give them foreign aid, 14.5 million last year? Obama signs an “exemption” to allow us to send money to Chad to arm soldiers under the age of 13. I am not sure which part is more alarming. The fact we are paying to arm 10 year old soldiers or that if they were 13 no “exemption” would be needed? How many children in how many nations are we “aiding” into battle? In our nation they can go to war at 17 (with parental consent). Our EPA has gone nuts creating laws on cars, toilets, light bulbs and literally everything destroying jobs and creating huge problems with the unintended consequences of their actions. From massive destruction of the American auto industry to the millions of dollars communities have been forced to pour into their sewage systems because the low flow toilets are clogging them. Instead of paying for education or roads we are spending on sewage. Am I the only one that thinks the entire system has been corrupted and must be fixed? I talk to people constantly and they all seem to agree with me. None of us wants to pay for the things we are and when “they” start cutting “they” cut from the few things we actually want to pay for. How do we regain control of our government?

I honestly don't know but it seems our political system is used to transfer wealth from those that work, to those with political connections. They say we need to tax the rich to help the poor. The rich don't pay taxes and the poor don't receive the lions share of the cash. The politically connected receive 71% of the redistributed largess, not the “poor”. Of the 29% the “poor” receive more than half of that goes to health care. The increased costs of medical care and prescription drugs is partly from the increased government involvement. GE received 3.2 billion last year from tax payers and paid nothing in taxes. Look closely and you find about 80% of what they received from tax payers went into campaign coffers of people in office or trying to get there. Those same people are the ones calling for higher taxes on “the rich” and more help for “the poor”. Coincidence? I think not.

You hear massive lies in the media. One is that during the Clinton administration they “balanced the budget”. Well sort of, they took the Social Security trust fund surplus and called it balanced. Accounting gimmick or worse? Worse much worse. American citizens have paid into the social security system for decades and if that same money had been put into almost anything else the people would have been far better off. I will compare one plan designed before the Social Security administration slammed the door on allowing “alternatives” to be designed so people could opt out of Social Security and into another plan. In Texas one alternative plan using the same amounts deducted from your wages pays 3 times the amount that social security pays for retirement or disability benefits. The death benefit is three times your annual pay with a $50,000 minimum. Social Security death benefit is $256, you read that right. How can that be? In retirement planning there is a rule of 72 and time is the magic bullet. If you are earning 10% which was common before the FED killed interest rates (further harming people that save for the future) years times interest rates adding up to 72 shows how long it takes for your savings to double. So if you have 10,000 in year 7 in year 14 you have 20,000, year 21 you have $40,000, year 28 = $80,000 year 35= $160,000. So if the funds had been invested and managed properly instead of stolen by thieves under color of law. The social security trust fund should have enough reserves in the trust fund. Now the thieves that stole the money are calling the people that paid into the system, greedy for wanting what they paid for. If the thieves were not part of government they would be in jail. Or would they?

Look at the myriads of government agencies designed to “police” the system. The SEC received more than 100 complaints over more than ten years on Bernie Madoff and did nothing. The housing industry was one of the most regulated and yet the government overseers pocketed millions and transferred back and forth between the governing agencies and the governed? The FDA is headed by an ex Monsanto big wig. Pharmaceutical giants provide most of the people to be governing agents for their industry as well as providing most of the safety tests done showing their drugs are safe. One well known doctor was just indicted when they proved he had never done any of the safety tests he was paid to do and wrote extensively about. More than ten years after the events it is finally discovered he extrapolated the data from expectations. That is a big word that means he made it up, it was fictitious, he lied. I am surprised to see how often in supposed science they extrapolate data. So we pay these “government police” big bucks literally over $172,000 per year generally, to do nothing? Well not nothing it was shown that they spent a large amount of time in the office on the clock on computers we provide viewing pornography. Our tax dollars at work?

Our Constitution was written to limit the power of government to protect the rights of the people. The federal government was to be especially restrained. Government closest to the problem is most efficient and the people are better able to maintain control. Once the federal government began usurping powers reserved by the states and the people, we lost control. We need people in congress that remember that the people are supposed to control the government. The government is not supposed to control the people. So I once again am running for congress. Next time, I will explain further how I think we could restore power to the people.
Delia Lopez

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