Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Bloody Revolution

Can we end the corruption without violence? As many of you know my problem with our government is the corruption. As Eliot Spitzer said everything Wall Street was doing was illegal but no one was prosecuting them. When he did he was arrested for being a “John” visiting a prostitute. He is the only “John” I can think of prosecuted in recent history. It was not deregulation that caused the mortgage mess it was fraud, it was illegal. After the Savings and Loan mess over 1,000 people were brought up on charges many went to jail. Jon Corzine just stole 1.6 Billion dollars. He took money out of customers segregated accounts. Like having a bank account with your broker this is supposed to be safe. I have read it was supposed to be safer than a bank. The bankruptcy was filed to protect JP Morgan and other politically connected entities. Illegally of course. Had the proper bankruptcy type been filed the customers would have been first in line to get their money back. Career politicians are somehow becoming incredibly wealthy. We must work together to remove them from office. We must work together to eliminate the corruption and return control of our government to the people. Please write in James Buchal for Attorney General and Thomas Cox for State Treasurer on both Republican and Democratic primary ballots. Please write Delia Lopez in for congress in CD#3 against Earl Blumenauer on Democratic primary ballots. And, Suzanne Gallagher, who has independently mounted her own write in candidacy for the Republican nomination for Senate District 18. We need people that will focus on creating the environment where small businesses can be started and thrive. We need jobs. Not more light rail, not more laws on pet monkeys. We need jobs. My problem with Social Security is that the politicians have their hands in it. If peoples' money had actually been put into a “trust fund” and managed people would be receiving considerably more for what they have paid in. Look at the different retirement accounts set up in lieu of Social Security before they stopped letting people opt out. The politicians stole the SS Trust fund that is how they “balanced” the budget. Lets see if I could take money from my customers accounts I wouldn't have financial challenges. So the politicians robbed us and took our money from SS. No one is in jail. Bankers committed massive fraud in the housing collapse and we reward them with more money. They even received bonuses. Same with MF Global they robbed their clients, filed the wrong bankruptcy and received bonuses. Are you seeing a pattern here? Occupy Wall Street is missing a big point in calling for more government regulations. The government is corrupt. The problems our State and the US is dealing with would be solved with two big fixes. End corruption and create more jobs. Cut the corruption and the spending rate goes down, way down. Create good paying jobs and more money is paid in income taxes. We must work together to force our government to follow the law. Our nations leaders are becoming increasingly corrupt and violating one law after another. In his comprehensive annals of the reigns of Tiberius and Nero, Roman historian Tacitus wrote, "corruptissima re publica plurimae leges." This is most often mistranslated as "the more corrupt a society, the more numerous its laws." In truth, Tacitus was referring to Rome's history, and a more accurate translation is "laws were most numerous when the commonwealth was most corrupt." Future historians will likely look back and say the same thing about our society. Except that we're not talking about laws. We're talking about the 'rules' of autonomous enforcement agencies that have extensive (and growing) police powers. A better quote comes from a 1969 speech from William T. Gossett, then president of the American Bar Association: "The rule of law can be wiped out in one misguided, however well-intentioned generation. And if that should happen, it could take a century of striving and ordeal to restore it, and then only at the cost of the lives of many good men and women." We the people need to regain control. Please forward this to everyone on your address list. Thank You, Delia Lopez 503-954-4080 Call me if you have questions, leave a message I will call you back.

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