Thursday, May 10, 2012

Write in Delia Lopez

Write in Delia Lopez Our government is broken. It is not working. Unemployment is actually at over 11% if you count the discouraged workers. Those people that have been unemployed for a long time. While unemployment is climbing, lemonade stands and coffee shops are being shut down. EPA regulations on carbon have caused the shut down of three refineries in the last six months. Two of those were Sunoco refineries that used to supply 50% of the gas, diesel and jet fuel for the east coast of our nation. All of those workers are now unemployed. The lessening of supply is also causing an increase in the cost of gas, diesel and jet fuel. Federal agents are targeting people for buying or selling raw milk. Gibson Guitar is shut down by Federal agents over an imported wood. Why is our government adding to the already far too long, lines of the unemployed? We are broke. In part because of a huge decrease in tax revenues, people that are not working pay less income tax, much less. Yet our congressmen continue spending our money on things most American people would not approve of. While they argue over a small amount to continue unemployment to people in this nation, they send trillions overseas. Congress has not managed to pass a budget in three years. I for one am sick of this partisan squabbling. They are acting like spoiled children and should be treated as such, given a paddling and sent home. We need to put people into Congress that will work for the American people. We created this government to secure our rights. We have allowed it to grow into an overbearing monster from whom we must get permission to catch a fish. We have created a two party system that would have shamed our founders. They warned us not to allow it to happen. We have allowed this to happen. As long as congressmen continue to please the lobbyists so they get massive campaign war chests they can do what ever they want and we vote for them. They parade lies on TV with slick advertising, or they play for our team. “I am a Democrat so I vote for the Democrat” or “I am Republican so that is how I vote”. Our system of government was unique different from any other in the world because the people were in charge and they were to control the government. Government was to be the servant of the people. Ensuring peoples rights were secure and reining in criminal activities. Our government is now stamping the Constitution and the rights of the people. Our government is now committing criminal acts from the “fast and Furious” mess, murdering hundreds of people. Passing out tax dollars stolen from American workers to banks and companies with close ties to the political class. Our government is now one of the absolute worst for spying on its citizens, the worst for having people in jails, one of the worst for abusing peaceful protestors and persecuting government whistle blowers that expose corruption. Anywhere you look in the massive government bureaucracy you find huge amounts of corruption and waste. Those with political connections get away with massive theft and murder. While regular people are beaten and jailed for filming police officers. We the people must regain control of our out of control government. When people vote repeatedly against things and the politicians ignore the will of the people, it is time for them to be replaced. When they are proud of managing to get things done in opposition to the will of the people, they should be removed from office. While they amass millions in personal wealth while those they are supposed to work for are going broke. They focus on their own pet projects instead of what the people they work for need. It is time they are fired. Earl Blumenauer has ignored those he works for, lined his pockets and focused on new federal regulations on captive primates, while we are losing jobs, homes everything. If you want someone in office that is not corrupted and will work for the people and to create an environment where the people are in control. Vote for Delia Lopez, if you are a Democrat please write in Delia Lopez on your democratic primary ballot and ask your friends to as well. It is time we said enough, You're Fired. We can not afford your globalist agenda, America first. We must take care of our people. In any crisis you must take care of yourself first. If we fall who will step in to “save” us? Thank You, Delia Lopez 503-954-4080 Leave a message and I will call you back

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